Monday, May 6th “Welcome to Coal Networking”
12:00 pm –
08:00 pm
Registration desk open to pick up name badge
Hotel Lobby, Radisson Blu Hotel
06:00 pm -
08:00 pm
Get-Together to network at Regence Beach (no dinner)
Radisson Blu Hotel
07:30 pm -
11:30 pm
Shuttle Service between Radisson Blu ↔ Downtown
(Stop: McDonald/Le Méridien)
Tuesday, May 7th Conference Day
as of 09:00 am Begin Registration at conference room “Baie des Anges”, souterrain
10:30 am Welcome speech by Alex Bethe, Chairman of the VDKi Board
Coal in Germany – where do we stand?
10:50 am Keynote Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Wodopia, Economist, Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola, Bochum: Lifecycle emissions from gas and coal – consequences for the German energy policy
11:20 am Dr. Stephan Riezler, Devision Manager Market, STEAG Power GmbH:
Prospects for coal in the German market
11:50 pm Interview with Holger Weiß, Head of Material Management, Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG: Current challenges in the energy market from perspective of a power plant operator
12:00 pm LUNCH at Hotel’s Restaurant “Le 223”, ground floor
02:00 pm Dr. Markus Binder, CFO at Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG): Contribution of lignite to secure energy supply
02:30 pm Dr. Lars Schernikau, Energy Economist, HMS Bergbau AG:
Importance of coal for the energy security in Europe and the world
03:00 pm Dimitry Popov, Senior Commodity Analyst, Oldendorff Carriers GmbH: Current logistics situation in Germany and Europe.
03:15 pm Concluding words by Alex Bethe
03:30 pm end of conference
03:30 –
07:30 pm
Shuttle Service between Radisson Blu ↔ Le Méridien
(Stop: Ave Gustave V/Le Méridien)
06:00 pm
„Enjoy Nice“ by HMS Bergbau AG
Ruhl Plage, 1 Promenade des Anglais
06:30 pm “Farewell evening” on invitation by Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co. KG
Rooftop bar “La Terrasse”, Hotel Le Méridien, 1 Promenade des Anglais
09:00 pm –
12:00 am
Shuttle Service between Le Méridien ↔ Radisson Blu
(Stop: Ave Gustave V/Le Méridien)

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Program is subject to change.